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Experience The Best Asian Massage Right Here in Indianapolis

Indianapolis has been the Crossroads of America and has been inhabited by humans for 10,000 years. The city is shedding its old image of an automobile manufacturing powerhouse – rivaling Detroit, no less! – and acquiring a new image of a happening city with many new types of businesses setting up shop here. The entertainment options in Indy are also expanding beyond the famed Indy 500. Massage parlors are a great new avenue for men to have some fun while getting rid of work-related stresses. Indianapolis Asian massage is a popular massage favored by Indy men.

You don’t have to travel to the coasts any more to experience talented Asian masseuses using their hands and bodies to give a superlative, sensuous massage experience. Sensuous massages are beneficial for men working in all sorts of professions — from professors to lawyers and from emergency room physicians to jet engine manufacturing company managers as well as computer software company managers.

Explaining Asian Massage in Indianapolis

Life in the 21st century is way better than life in the 19th. If you need convincing, you need only read about the life history of any famous American from the 19th century — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow or Ralph Waldo Emerson or Henry David Thoreau. You’ll read about their first wives dying from tuberculosis or from miscarriage while being a young twenty-something. Their babies often died while still being just a child. All this lies in our past. We are so lucky.

We are luckier still to have at our disposal so many ways of having fun — you can go skiing or sky-diving and you can do rock climbing or wing suit flying. If you want to just have fun and relax without the adrenaline rush of putting your life at risk, Indianapolis Asian massages will do the trick.

For Indy tourists or local residents, sensuous Asian massages by one of our trained masseuses will be a great way to get recharged without risking life and limb and also without having to break the bank. Our stunning ladies give a massage experience that might be a moment to remember for your entire life.

The Varieties of Asian Massage in Indianapolis

Indy gentlemen fully realize that Asia is a massive continent with a history to match. Asia has dozens of countries including China, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran and others. As to Asian massages, ancient Asian cultures such as China, India and Japan have distinct massage techniques.

Here, we cover three Indianapolis Asian massage techniques from three different Asian countries.

  • Japanese Massage The Japanese people are not merely gadget obsessed – they also have home grown philosophies, ways of life and enjoyment and much else. The Japanese massage (or ‘Shiatsu’ massage) style obviously originates in Japan. Shiatsu means finger (Shi) pressure (Atsu) and it is delivered using the tips of the fingers and the palms. Shiatsu massage is conducted by applying pressure with the thumbs along the meridian lines (or ‘energy lines’) of the body. Shiatsu can also involve extensive soft tissue manipulation. Shiatsu is a derivative form of the Anma massage technique which is also Japanese. Japanese massage is an old and elaborate discipline and our beautiful girls are well-versed in it. Book with us today to experience the magic of our masseuses for yourself.
  • Chinese Massage This is one of the most popular varieties of Asian massage in Indianapolis. Much like Chinese civilization itself, Chinese massage techniques such as ‘tui na’ or ‘zhi ya.’ have been around since ages. Tui na is a massage technique involving the kneading of the muscles to relieve tension. Zhi ya is akin to acupressure and Shiatsu and involves pressing of the skin. Tui Na was modified by the Japanese to create Anma.
  • Indian Tantra Massage This is an Asian massage technique much in vogue these days. It combines ancient Indian massage techniques with modern innovations and ensures an orgasmic pleasure experience for males after a slow buildup. The masseuse applies massage oil to the shoulders and back as well as the manhood. This is a slow massage technique that leads the male towards the Promised Land but doesn’t go over the hill all at once. The several repetitions of this journey involving delayed gratification leads to an explosive ending of Himalayan proportions.
  • Thai Massage American GIs discovered the joys of Bangkok in the 1960s but the Thais have been practicing their massage since the time of the Buddha. This massage technique also works on the ‘energy lines’ of the body with a focus on the muscles and joints. It can improve circulation and health as well as helping you become stronger and more relaxed.

This is hardly an exhaustive list of the types of Asian massages in Indianapolis. Call us today to book with us.

Indianapolis Asian Massage —A Perfect Combo For Traditional and Quirky Men Alike

Men have varied tastes — some want to take apart and rebuild their cars in their private garages while others want to do rock climbing or skydiving. Some even aspire to leave Earth and live in Mars. Whatever your other hobbies may be, you might agree on the benefits of getting a sensuous massage by a beautiful female. When it comes to relaxing fun, we can think of few other alternatives that are better.

So, whether you are an Indy resident or a tourist in town for the Indy 500 experience, we suggest an Indianapolis Asian massage. Here are a few highlights of the benefits of booking with us for your Asian massage session.

  • Diverse Asian massage techniques. We offer a variety of Asian massages as detailed above. You can choose the massage you fancy or you want to try. You can cycle among the Asian massages and make such massage sessions a regular part of your life. Treat massage as your favorite form of (inexpensive) therapy! Depression is not a trivial matter! Even presidents have suffered from it. Maybe even they might have benefited from a fine massage provided by expert hands.
  • Diverse Asian masseuse ladies. We have slim Asian massage ladies as well busty ones; our Asian massage ladies are young twenty-something girls as well as mature ladies. Visit our gallery for all the details regarding all our Asian masseuses.
  • Affordable Asian massage in Indianapolis. Our rates are most reasonable so that our patrons feel they can experience our massage service without causing a dent to their bank balance. Our rates are designed so that our beautiful masseuses make a comfortable living but we certainly don’t wish to charge extortionate rates from our esteemed clients.
  • Discreet Asian massage in Indianapolis. Our clients are established professionals — managers, lawyers and professors; sports stars and start-up and real estate multi-millionaires and so forth. Our outcall Asian massage ladies visit the location specified by you – it could be a hotel suite in Indy or your own home – and provide the Asian massage previously agreed upon. Our beautiful massage girls are professionals in providing the massage service they do and they maintain client confidentiality like the true professionals that they are.

So call us today to arrange an Indianapolis Asian massage session that will be sensuous, memorable and therapeutic in equal measure.